Which Country Would Win in the Programming Olympics?


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A new global ranking points out the fact: the Eastern European ICT industry is boosted by excellent programmers.
source: hackerrank.com

The Hackerrank Blog’s brand new analysis found: Central and Eastern Europe has strong positions on global IT skills ranking. Based on 1.5 million online tests, the analysis ranked Russia on 2nd, Poland on 3rd, Hungary on 5th, Czech Republic on 9th, Ukraine on 11th, Bulgaria on 12th, Romania on 20th place. The home of Silicon Valley, the US was ranked on 28th place, the home of global business services and IT industry, India was ranked on 31st place in the ICT skills challenge.
Another interesting result in the analysis: CEE programmers ‘never give up’. It means, CEE programmers have a low Zero Score Ratio in online tests. On global ‘tenacious ranking’, Hungary is on the 2nd place, Poland is the 3rd, Bulgaria is the 5th, Russia is the 7th, Czech Republic is the 9th, Ukraine is the 22nd and Romania is the 23rd.
Maybe it’s a bit funny ranking, but points out CEE’s strength: the region is not just a low-cost location insight the European Union, but the field of more value-added IT developments and services of the future.
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