CASE STUDY: Oral Solid Dosage Zydus Cadila


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When GEA supplied a complete oncology manufacturing line to a customer in India, they didn’t just ensure the health and safety of the operators — complying with internationally recognized standards — the company also increased yields, reduced production cycle times and implemented an ultimate containment solution. Zydus Cadila intended to improve its solid oral dosage form production processes for highly potent drugs. Planning to use high containment equipment, the company approached GEA, who recommended the use of two single pot processors in a set-up that met all the key requirements: for the development laboratory, an UltimaPro™ 10 equipped with Hicoflex® technology for containment; and for production, an UltimaPro™ 75 equipped with Hicoflex® and MC valves. Both single pot processors were equipped with all the available drying techniques, including microwaves, to ensure flexible processing, higher yields and shorter cycle times. GEA was able to supply the company with a complete oncology manufacturing line. The entire project was managed in-house, beginning with a risk analysis regarding the amount of containment required, progressing through the overall design of the building and solution to installation and start-up. By choosing the UltimaPro™ 10 and 75, equipped with all the available options, and with Hicoflex® technology and MC valves, Zydus Cadila has ensured that it will be able to produce their OEB 3 and 4 drugs in a safe, cGMPcompliant environment and guarantee maximum yields with reduced cycle times.

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