Accurate Temperature Management within the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process



Within the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, accuracy in processes plays a fundamental part in the quality and consistency of formulas, their testing and ultimately the end product. These high standards need to be maintained in order to produce high quality pharmaceuticals and one way that businesses are able to ensure tight controls on their product quality is through accurate temperature and humidity management throughout each stage of production.

ICS Cool Energy has worked alongside many pharmaceutical companies to ensure temperatures are maintained at each stage, from ingredient conditioning, right the way through to packaging. An example of commonly regulated temperature control requirements is demonstrated in the below infographic for tablet production.

The Production Process

Here, temperature control begins with the raw ingredients where the active ingredient is mixed with binding agents and dried to remove moisture and blend the ingredients. Temperatures required here are between 100-120oC, depending on the ingredient blends being utilised. Once mixed, tablets are formed through a pressurised press which can be capable of producing in excess of 500 tablets per minute. With such high volumes, heat builds up in the pistons and tooling surfaces which needs to be temperature controlled to avoid overheating and ensure a continuously smooth standard of operation.

With the foundation complete, tablets are often coated with flavourings to mask unpleasant tastes or to seal the tablet contents; tablets are sprayed and cooled in a large drum before drying. Temperature control at this stage ensures the mixture has a continuous flow and that tablets do not get stuck together. Once produced, tablet storage is controlled at 15oC -30oC, and should summer temperatures threaten to exceed this, air conditioning ensures that localised moisture transfer won’t occur which could otherwise result in tablets being ineffective.

When it comes to packaging, traditional temperature control for printing and packaging is applied as plastic is moulded to carry the tablets and individually sealed with a foil backing. To support the variety of temperatures needed in such production processes, ICS Cool Energy can offer a solution to suit every stage of production for both sale or hire, providing temperatures from -40oC to +350oC.

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