Understanding your company’s stages of maturity


The illustration above shows a five-stage journey of performance maturity:

  1. In Stage 1, companies react to problems without a systemic capability or any processes for performance improvement.
  2. In Stage 2, companies build projects with experts to solve problems (e.g. quality, demand forecast accuracy, Lean). The issue is that a collection of projects on its own is difficult to manage and build end-to-end process value network capabilities.
  3. In Stage 3, integrated functional processes are created around core business processes, but they are not holistically end-to-end and demand-driven as described (for example quality or demand planning). This is, however, the first transition to process-based operations and a cultural shift (necessary but not sufficient).
  4. In Stage 4, the company unconsciously operates as an end-to-end demand-driven network. All aspects or people, process and technology combine holistically to create a culture of performance improvement. This stage is the big cultural jump.
  5. In Stage 5, the business operates as an end-to-end DDVN focused on translating value from demand into the business.

From: http://traccsolution.com/resources/business-maturity/

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